[Guide] 'Farm Chip' Farming

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[Guide] 'Farm Chip' Farming

Postby Raz » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:57 pm

The most important currency in Mushmoot is probably the farm chip. These little babies allow you to buy all sorts of consumables and upgrade materials for your character.

Farming them however can be a very boring job, however if done right, it can produce a large amount of FChips.

Traditionally AoE based classes have been the best to farm in FlyFF and the same applies on Mushmoot. Whilst 1v1 Meele and Ranged characters are strong and can produce good results. They will not beat an AoE class with the same standard of equipment.

The best classes to AoE farm with are:

    -Elementor [121-Hero] / Arcanist [150+]
    -Psykeeper [121-Hero] / Mentalist [165+]

Why are no other AoE classes mentioned you ask?

The simple reason is that these two classes are the fastest at collecting mobs in the game. An Elementor/Arcanist with Windfield is the fastest collector of them all, and a Psykeeper/Mentalist can wand attack to collect without lagg affecting collection.

Places to Farm

For New Starters(Lowest rate per hour):

Azria: Mammoths

Using the spawn in the bowl and on the flat land will produce about 1.1k-1.7k chips per hour using an Elementor[Hero-121], depending on equipment and party skills.

You don't need great equipment to get over 1k per hour here, and by using the chips to upgrade yourself you should be able to gradually increase the chip count per hour.

You should also get around 70-120m penya per hour here.


Using the spawn in the bowl and on the flat land will produce about 900-1.4k chips per hour using a Psykeeper[Hero-121], depending on equipment and party skills.

Again the more you invest into equipment the better the results.

Penya rate would be around 60-110m per hour.

For Mid-game players(Medium rate per hour):

Dark Traseia: Dark Usagi Yari

By this stage you need to have pretty good equipment to farm successfully in Dark Traseia on most classes, Arcanist perhaps being the exception with a hit and run approach.

You're also more likely to be levelling through this stage of the game, rather than having a dedicated farmer like you may have at 121-Hero.


Hit and run tactic is advisable for players with average or below equipment, you're likely to be around the same level as the mobs, because if you were any higher you'd probably prefer to farm in Surda. Dark Traseia mobs hit hard, so unless you have good equipment with a good amount of DCT you may struggle.

You can collect with Windfield and then use EVA Storm with better equipment, however at least 65+ DCT is advised to keep them stunned.

Expect between 1.8k-2.3k chips and 150-200m per hour.


Mentalists will start to fall behind Arcanists by some way from here onwards. A Healer is a must (Dual-client, alt+tab and spam Heal in action slot when AoEing). Luckily heal is based on HP% so much more effective on Mushmoot.

High DCT is again recommended for faster action slot casting.

Expect between 1.5k-1.9k chips and 120-170m per hour.

For End-game players(Highest rate per hour):

Surda: Wasps

Whilst all through Surda the spawns are huge and the rate will be far greater than anyway else, the spawns of Wasps in the Bridge area will be the most productive of all. Fast respawn rate, small enclosed area and huge spawn means collecting and killing is easy.

Arcanist can be 150+ farming these due to EVA Storms stun, although 165+ Is recommended for Mentalists. Again a healer is required for Mentalists, although can be useful with Arcanists too.

The best area to collect and kill is at the start of the spawns at the lowest levels, you'll see two bridges join into a L-Shape. It's advisable to only collect and AoE one side at a time because mobs can teleport and get stuck under the bridge if you try to collect both sides.

When collecting each side, you should collect towards the corner where both sides meet to form the L, this allows you to always AoE in the same place when you collect from either side, so once you finish AoEing you can run and collect straight away without worrying about your pet not finishing with the drops, as you'll be back to that area with the next group of mobs in under a minute. This area also serves another use because it is slightly higher up from the sea floor below, if any mobs are under you, your AoE will not kill them. Anywhere else and it will kill them, which is not good because your pet will glitch out and try to pick up drops from under the bridge and won't collect from drops on top of the bridge where you are.


The performance of Arcanists here outweigh any other class in Mushmoot. You can pretty much spam food/pills all the time and not die, and can collect and kill 50 mobs/min.

Collect with Windfield, AoE with EVA storm, it's that simple.

Expect 2.6k+ FC per hour easily and around 270m+ in penya. With very good equipment you'll see around 3k+ and 300m+ per hour.


Mentalists will fall behind again compared to Arcanists and perhaps other AoE classes at this stage. Psychic square is good to use to gather the spawns here, however it has a cooldown so Maximum Crisis should also be used, spawns are too tight to use wand attacks to gather. Due to no stun and the amount of mobs here, a healer is needed.

Expect up to 2.4k chips per hour, and up to 240m.

Things to remember:

    -Always be in a party with Drop Skills active.
    -Use link attack whenever possible(Strongly advised in Surda).
    -Make sure you have Activitions and Refresher Holds(if you farm with MP based class).
    -Make sure you have enough food and pills.
    -Azria and Dark Traseia Tickets can be purchased from the Cash Shop Seller.
    -Surda Tickets are available from Farm Chip Seller 1 (1 Day = 300FC, 7 Days - 1500FC).

Additional rewards

Make sure to have pet filter ticked for Sunstones/Moonstones, 4%/B Cards and Quest Items.

Farming gets you a large amount of upgrade material as well as the FC, in Surda expect to get:
    -Around 5-6k of quest items.
    -Around 40-50 of each 4% card.
    -Around 80-100 of each B Card per hour.

A Guide on where you can spend your hard earned Farm Chips is HERE.
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Re: [Guide] 'Farm Chip' Farming

Postby Thor » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:00 am

Great guide, keep up the good work! Stickied /blush
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Re: [Guide] 'Farm Chip' Farming

Postby Quantum » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:03 am

In Azria I'm using 2 bags, wich I fill with lvl 95+ weapons. 1 bag is good for arround 60m. So 2 bags is arround 120m, just from sellings those weapons in an NPC shop. Makes more money than penya dropped from mobs. :p

Edit: And those bags are full within 20 minutes if u have party skills running. (:
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