Ingame Server Rules. v1.0

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Ingame Server Rules. v1.0

Postby TylerChan » Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:47 am

The following is to be followed by EVERYONE in the server including, but not limited to the Game Masters.
Anyone caught breaking these rules are subject to being Frozen, Muted, Banned, or all of the above.

- - - - -Using Bots/unauthorized tools.
Using any outside program to gain an unfair advantage is not tolerated.
Game Masters have every right to disable your player for further inspection from the Admin of the server.

- - - - -General Harassment
Harassing another player is again not tolerated, Each player is here to enjoy the game, Not to be harassed by other player. Harassment can range from one extreme to another. Minor Harassment can include simply just following another player when you're not welcome. On the other end of the scale is Sexual Harassment, which if caught is a serious offense. Sexual Harassment can again be from one extreme to the other. Minor Sexual Harassment can be as simple as saying "you want her/him for Sex. Sever Sexual Harassment can be anything from Saying filthy, foul words toward the person you are harassing, to sending him/her dirty pictures via, forum, chat or other means. Harassment is NOT tolerated!

- - - - -Kill Stealing and Player Killing.
Though very annoying, these are not offenses. You are allowed to do both of these for the time being. But when it gets to the point of harassment, action needs to be taken. If you or a player is purposely targeting another player simply to annoy them is harassment. repeatedly killing another players monster is harassment. Same as repeatedly killing another player.

Please do not complain to the Game Masters about being repeatedly killed in the PVP arena. This is not counted as harassment, due to the fact that it's Play versus Player, and killing is the main point of it. if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen, or in this case, the arena.

- - - - -Bugs:
Any abuse of in-game bugs as well as client and or server sided bugs for whatever purpose is considered a hack and is not tolerated. Simple as that. Anyone caught abusing bugs will be punished at the Game Masters will. Players will be warned, then temporarily banned if they persist on using the bug. If players continue to use the bug/abuse after the ban (including attempting to use it and failing) will be permanently banned.

- - - - -Players:
Abusing other players can be anything from the list of harassment, to Cursing, using vulgar terms and words toward any another player and or Game Master.
Slight swearing is not so bad, but we encourage you NOT to use curse words.

- - - - - "GM tooling"
GM tooling is where a player is saying that he/she is friends with one of the Game Masters, who will ban or punish the other players if they do not do what they say. GM tooling is against the rules, and action will be taken against your character and or account.

- - - - -GM impersonating
Impersonating a GM is a serious offense. Only the characters in the Staff Guild with the "GM" logo are in fact staff. Users who impersonate a GM will have their character (If caught) frozen and muted, which will then await an admins ruling against the character, account, and or IP address.

- - - - -AFK Farming
Killing monsters to collect items while being away from your computer or not watching your character farm.

- - - - -Selling Items for real money
Selling any items or red chips for real money is a serious offense and not allowed. Any player attempting to do so will be temporarily banned with a warning; if they persist, they will be permanently banned without warning.

Use some common sense and you will be safe.

These Rules Are Subject To Change At Any Point Without Notice. Be Sure To Check Often For Updates!

Moderators: Please edit THIS post with a simple statement if there is something wrong, or something needs to be added, PLEASE do not edit the text above. I will edit that later.

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