Patch logs [07/05-2016]

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Patch logs [07/05-2016]

Postby Thor » Sun May 08, 2016 12:48 am

Hey Mushmooters! /ridicule

Gaseline has been working turbo-mode to add a lot of new systems that our server did not have before! This week the Transmutation system has been added. More systems are in the making, including a very big one that will change gameplay as it currently is quite a bit! We also have two new team members joining us this week! Hopefully that will help with the Staff being more active in game /yummy

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Dark Illusion, you will now go invisible
  • Fixed Blessings (Blessing of the Goddess will now give all the supposed stats)
  • Corrected some Pet Filter options, correct type of armor and weapons will now be picked up when checked
  • Fixed GM authorities for lower ranks

Gameplay changes:
  • Added Transmutation system!
    - Can be found on the Makeup Artist NPC in Northern Flarine
    - Costs 50m penya per transmutation
    - Makes your primary item appear as your sacrificial item (model change only)
    - PS! Your sacrifical item will be lost after a successful transmutation
  • Added Revert Transmutation Scroll
    - Can be used to remove the transmutation of your item

Shop changes:
  • Changed prices in most of the shops. More price changes will come!
  • Lowered all prices in the Mush Chip Shops!
  • Scheduled additional items to be added in several shops
    - CS, Cloaks, Masks and Pets will be added in the next patch!

Balancing changes:
  • Sentinel Mask changed +5 STR effect to +5 DEX
    - Now gives +5 DEX and +5 STA
  • Gaia Cloak changed effect
    - Now gives +15% Speed, +50% Exp, +1 Lucky Drop
  • Corrected Avalon Shield to +8% Attack as bonus (was +8 Attack)

Other changes:
  • Corrected some item descriptions showing wrong numbers and values
  • Corrected a couple skill descriptions

More systems added, more systems coming /sparkle
I also hope you welcome our newest Staff members with open arms! Their help is much appreciated, and they will of course contribute to our server growing beyond limits! Please do not forget to vote, it will help us reach our goals much faster :3 Have a great day!

~ Thor
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